Unsung heroes of KU research

Illustration reading, "Unsung Hero, Nishon Hawkins, KU Libraries"

Behind every successful award are teams of KU research development and administration staff who help investigators identify opportunities, prepare and submit complicated proposals under strict deadlines, and then help manage finances and compliance for funded projects. They are the unsung heroes of KU research, greasing the wheels of innovation and discovery.

In each issue of KU Discoveries, we shine a spotlight on a staff member deemed particularly outstanding by colleagues.

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Unsung Heroes features

  • Watson Library

    April 2024

    Nishon Hawkins, KU Libraries

  • Jen Arbuthnot

    March 2024

    Jen Arbuthnot + Gabe Nehrbass, Office of Research

  • Photo of someone looking at computer monitors

    February 2024

    IT, Research Computing + Office of Research

  • Eliott Reeder

    January 2024

    Eliott Reeder, Hall Center for the Humanities

  • Scott Campbell

    November 2023

    Scott Campbell, Kansas Biological Survey

  • Kansas Geological Survey sign

    October 2023

    Doug Louis, Kansas Geological Survey

  • Prairie Acre Greenhouse

    September 2023

    Patti Beedles, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

  • Sarah Gard

    August 2023

    Sarah Gard, Dole Institute of Politics

  • Anschutz Library

    July 2023

    Jim Rupprecht, Information Technology

  • Nicole Suchy

    May 2023

    Nicole Suchy, Higuchi Biosciences Center

  • Life Sciences Research Lab

    April 2023

    Chris Lyon, Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

  • Rayven Smart

    March 2023

    Rayven Smart, Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

  • Gabe Nehrbass

    February 2023

    Gabe Nehrbass, Office of Research

  • Photo of KU Life Sciences Research Laboratories

    January 2023

    Scott Jeffress, Research Facilities

  • Photo of a person viewing multiple computer monitors.

    November 2022

    Suzie Johannes, KU Information Technology

  • Teresa MacDonald

    October 2022

    Teresa MacDonald, KU Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum

  • Kathy Porsch

    September 2022

    Kathy Porsch, Hall Center for the Humanities

  • Elise Stella

    August 2022

    Elise Stella, Office of Research

  • Anita Abel

    June 2022

    Anita Abel, Office of Research

  • Christie Holland

    May 2022

    Christie Holland, Institute for Policy & Social Research

  • Deanne Arensberg

    April 2022

    Deanne Arensberg, Office of Research

  • Jessica Black-Magnussen

    March 2022

    Jessica Black-Magnussen, Life Span Institute

  • Kiley Higgs

    January 2022

    Kiley Higgs, Neuromuscular Research Division

  • A human subjects researcher conducts a study using art with children

    November 2021

    Institutional Review Board, Office of Research

  • Cady Bush

    September 2021

    Cady Bush, Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry + COBRE CMADP

  • Tammi Bramlett

    July 2021

    Tammi Bramlett, KU Center for Technology Commercialization

  • Jena Gunter

    May 2021

    Jena Gunter, Institute for Policy & Social Research

  • A graphic shows a statue of two men in front of Lippincott Hall amid falling snow on the right, and on the left, text reads, "Unsung Heroes, James Kemerling, Laura Mohr, Greg Ornay, Carla Ramirez, Lori Schlenker

    March 2021

    Research, facilities staff

  • A graphic with text boxes over Eaton Hall reads, "Unsung Hero, Robin Hinman, Eaton Hall Shared Service Center, 'She makes us all better,' Perry Alexander, AT&T Foundation Distinguished Professor."

    January 2021

    Robin Hinman, Eaton Hall Shared Service Center

  • Leland Wilson

    November 2020

    Leland Wilson, IT Support Technician Senior

  • Laura Irick

    September 2020

    Laura Irick, Office of Research

  • Carolyn Caine

    July 2020

    Carolyn Caine, Institute for Policy & Social Research

  • A graphic shows Ashly LoBurgio Basgall on the right and text boxes on the left that read, "Unsung Hero, Ashly LoBurgio Basgall, Life Span Institute"

    May 2020

    Ashly LoBurgio Basgall, Life Span Institute

  • Big Jay and Baby Jay mascots side-hug each other and extend their outside arms outward with palms up

    March 2020

    KU research administration community

  • Jennifer Myers

    January 2020

    Jennifer Myers, Life Span Institute

  • Beth Benfield

    November 2019

    Beth Benfield, Strong Hall Shared Service Center

  • Nancy Myers

    September 2019

    Nancy Myers, Institute for Policy & Social Research

  • Joanne Eden

    July 2019

    Joanne Eden, Office of Research

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