Commercialization Resources

Although the Center for Technology Commercialization is a hub for innovation and commercialization activities at KU, we do not operate alone. We are part of a rich ecosystem across all our campuses designed to foster innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurial endeavors within our research community. Many offices, units and programs are available to our researchers based upon their needs and level of interest. Frequent collaborators with KUCTC include:

KU Innovation Park

Home to KU’s primary incubator space and adjacent to our Lawrence campus, the KU Innovation Park is a community for leading-edge researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs working to bring innovative ideas and solutions to markets.

Institute for Advance Medical Innovation

Located at our medical center campus in Kansas City, IAMI is one of KU’s primary accelerator programs and is focused on improving human health by speeding the development new drug therapies and medical devices to patients.

Center for Health Innovation & Transformative Care

A collaborative effort of the KU Medical Center, University of Kansas Health System and KU, we aim to advance medical innovation.

Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development leads KU's efforts to be an engine of economic growth for Kansas in a way that empowers workers, families, companies and communities to prosper.

KU School of Business

The School of Business builds entrepreneurial competency and an innovation mindset among KU students from all corners of our community through classroom and academic programs, as well as cocurricular and other outreach programs.

KU Center for Entrepreneurship

The KUCE was created to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among KU students and faculty.