Managing awards

You've received an award. Congratulations! The Post-Award team is here to help you navigate financial activities and compliance requirements established by federal and state law, agency regulations and university policies and procedures so you can focus on your research.

Once a grant has been received, the post-award phase begins. This phase includes setting up the award, reporting progress and, eventually, completing the closeout requirements. The KU Research Post-Award team will guide you through grant management protocol and serve as liaison with the many offices involved in this process. Post-Award also approves your planned expenditures to ensure costs are allowable, allocable, reasonable and consistent with funding agency regulations.

Post-Award handles all of the services below and more.

  • Review, set up and issue the sponsored project budget summary for the award
  • Review and countersign documents and correspondence sent to funding agencies
  • Report expenditures to awarding agencies 
  • Document cost sharing
  • Manage time and effort reporting
  • Administer subcontracts
  • Submit financial, property and patent reports to sponsors
  • Assist with reports on project balances
  • Maintain grant files appropriate for inspection by internal and external auditors
  • Provide grant close-out assistance, starting 90 days before the end of the project
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Monitor and approve spending for policy and procedural compliance
  • Coordinate tuition and fellowship payments
  • Review request for payroll cost transfers 
  • Post-Award staff are available to conduct one-on-one meetings with principal investigators to discuss project status, expenditures, and forecasting and planning for future budget expenditures
  • Adhere to university policies and comply with awarding agency rules and regulations
  • Keep principal investigators and staff up-to-date and ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations
  • Provide account closing services when the award has ended