Security + safety

Research in this area will develop new approaches to combat emerging threats and vulnerabilities to health, well-being and security for individuals and society posed by technological advances.

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Gas pump at a gas station with an out of service bag on it

Cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline affected gas prices far less than initially reported

When the Colonial Pipeline shut down due to a ransomware attack by Russia-linked cybercriminals, a KU associate professor of economics found gas prices were affected less than media reported.
Three researchers look at a computer screen

Researchers develop hardware-cyber security education program with $400,000 NSF grant

University of Kansas engineering researchers will design course modules to train students in building and maintaining more secure computer hardware.
Cars on a highway with their areas highlighted with circles

Team will develop tech to help people with cognitive impairments use automated driving

A University of Kansas research team will develop technology to make self-driving cars accessible to people with disabilities.