Integrity + compliance

KU is committed to cultivating an environment where everyone conducts research in ways that merit trust and confidence in the methods they use and the findings that result from their inquiry.

Research Integrity, a unit in the Office of Research, works with KU committees, departments and centers across campus to provide administrative oversight of the compliance areas outlined below. 

Please contact us with questions about compliance issues or if you wish to arrange a presentation for your department, class, lab or other group.

Compliance areas

Teacher sitting at a table in an early childhood classroom, smiling and engaging with three young students facing her in chairs from the other side of the table.

Research involving humans

KU's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is responsible for reviewing all human subjects research occurring under the auspices of the the Lawrence, Edwards and Juniper Gardens campuses.
Zebrafish swimming in a fish tank. Photo by Lynn Ketchum, courtesy of Oregon State University

Research involving animals

KU's Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) provides supervision, coordination and review of every project proposed to include the use of vertebrate animals.
U.S. flag and KU flag flying from poles atop Fraser Hall against a blue sky

Conflict of interest + commitment

Kansas Board of Regents policy requires faculty and unclassified staff of Regents institutions to file a conflict of interest report upon employment and at least annually thereafter.

Other compliance areas

Researcher working at a computer with two monitors whose screens are not visible to the viewer. Shelves full of books stretch across the wall behind her.

Restricted research

In limited cases the pursuit of knowledge may involve critically important but sensitive areas of inquiry where the immediate publication or dissemination of research results may not be in the best interest of the involved parties or society.
The hands of six people seated around a concrete table outdoors, some holding pens and all with papers or notebooks sitting in front of them.

Responsible scholarship

Responsible scholarship — essential for everyone involved in discovery, application and dissemination of knowledge — encompasses professional behaviors and practices in the design, implementation and reporting of academic scholarship.
Two performers smiling while playing a grand piano, viewed through the open lid with the piano strings exposed

Scholarly misconduct

Everyone engaged in research under the auspices of KU must adhere to the highest professional standards of intellectual honesty and integrity in proposing, performing, reviewing and reporting results of scholarly and creative activity.