Proposal Preparation Fund

The Proposal Preparation Fund (PPF) supports principal investigators (PIs) and other key personnel for whom 100% effort is grant supported (current funding must be derived in whole or part from federal funding sources, including federal flow-through funds) and who do not have other sources of non-grant funding to support proposal preparation. The request should only be for personnel that are involved in the technical/scientific writing of the proposed project. This fund is not intended for administrative support staff.

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Proposal Preparation Policy  
PI Status Policy  
Request Calculation
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For 100% grant-funded investigators whose current support is divided between federal and non-federal sources, PPF support will be calculated on a prorated basis to reflect the percentage of current effort devoted to federally funded projects.
EXAMPLE: Investigator A receives 70% funding from federal grants, and 30% funding from non-federal sources. Investigator A intends to devote 50% effort to proposal preparation activities for a two-week period and requests PPF funding. The PPF would provide support of 35%(70% x 50%) of full-time compensation during this period.
Fund Administration
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All applications for PPF funds will be reviewed by a PPF committee at KU Research. Once approved, a KU Research cost center will be assigned and communicated to the applicant. The applicant's unit will then need to appoint the approved personnel to the KU Research funding. All PPF awards will be recorded on a PPF log and a post audit review will be done after the PPF end date. This audit will track the amount awarded, the amount spent, the personnel paid from the funds, whether a proposal was generated and whether the proposal was awarded by the granting agency.
Proposal Submission Commitment
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Acceptance of PPF funding reflects a commitment to submit the proposal for which funding is requested. If a proposal is not submitted each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Consequences may include reimbursing the PPF fund or loss of eligibility to apply for PPF funding in the future. Decisions in each case will be made by the PPF committee and communicated to the PI involved.