Fieldwork incident reporting + support

Any individual who believes they have been the subject of discrimination or retaliation, or anyone who witnesses or believes that sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination or retaliation may have occurred, should contact the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX to report the incident.

Reporting fieldwork incidents

KU's Office of Civil Rights & Title IX offers guidance on reporting incidents that occur in research settings, with particular attention to off-campus or off-site research.

Simultaneous to working with the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX, research team members may also consult with designated personnel stationed at the off-campus/off-site research location or elsewhere to manage immediate situations that require de-escalation or other problem-solving measures. Names and contact information for these individuals should be included in the Safe & Inclusive Fieldwork plan for each project.

Other formal reporting mechanisms

The following offices serve as formal notice to the university and legally require follow-up with all those involved. It is appropriate to submit almost any incident to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX (above) as they can investigate a situation and help you get the support you need from other campus resources.

KU’s Institutional Hotline is hosted by a third-party hotline service provider (Lighthouse). Hotline reports will be forwarded to the appropriate unit at KU for handling.

Submit a report

The Employee Relations team partners with employees and managers to ensure that KU offers everyone a positive, constructive and efficient work environment. Responsibility areas include labor relations, grievance resolution, workplace violence matters, counseling and disciplinary action, exit interviews, and performance management.

Contact Employee Relations

To report an incident of alleged non-academic misconduct by an individual, please fill out the Incident Report Form for individuals. KU's Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards will review incidents to determine an appropriate response.

Report a student conduct incident

If you suspect individuals/organizations involvement in alleged hazing activities please fill out the Hazing Report Form.

Report hazing


Informal reporting

The Ombuds Office is a confidential, impartial, informal and independent office where members of the campus community can discuss issues they may be facing as a student, staff or faculty member.