Research misconduct

Objectivity, integrity and truthfulness are hallmarks of scholarly research and are essential for ensuring creative progress and public trust. The University of Kansas is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the responsible conduct of research, research training and related activities, and to dealing effectively with alleged instances of misconduct in scholarly research. 

Each person engaged in scholarly research under KU's auspices is expected to adhere to the highest professional standards of intellectual honesty and integrity in proposing, performing and reviewing research; in reporting research results; and in the public exhibition, display or performance of creative work.

The research misconduct policy implements this expectation and is intended to fulfill KU's responsibilities as a recipient of federal research funds.

The research misconduct policy and its accompanying guidance and procedures aim to ensure the thorough, impartial and timely handling of alleged instances of misconduct in scholarly research, while protecting the rights and reputations of individuals — both those who report alleged misconduct and those against whom an allegation of misconduct is made.