A split image of four photos shows KU researchers conducting fieldwork research in fields, rivers, streams and mountains. The graphic has text in the center that reads, "#KUFieldWorks"

Fieldwork provides invaluable insights about real-world environments and processes, expanding and reinforcing what researchers learn in classrooms, labs and collections. KU faculty, staff and students across a spectrum of disciplines are taking their inquiry directly to rivers, prairies, dig sites, glaciers, islands, burial grounds and more this summer.

Through the #KUFieldWorks series, we'll join them on their adventures.

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Fieldwork features

  • Graduate students in front of the Himalayas

    September 2023

    Michael Taylor, Geology

  • Erik Scott traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he conducted a series of interviews with basketball players and officials from the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

    August 2023

    Erik Scott, History

  • Dianna Krejsa

    July 2023

    Dianna Krejsa, KU Biodiversity Institute

  • Justin Bernstein

    May 2023

    Justin Bernstein, KU Biodiversity Institute

  • Jocelyn Colella and colleagues collect tissue samples and prepare them to be sent to repositories and laboratories.

    April 2023

    Jocelyn Colella, KU Biodiversity Institute

  • Rolfe Mandel and colleagues digging.

    March 2023

    Rolfe Mandel, Archaeology

  • Emily Arnold and colleagues holding KU flags with glaciers in the background.

    January 2023

    Emily Arnold, Center for Remote Sensing & Integrated Systems

  • Ben Sikes

    October 2022

    Ben Sikes, Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research

  • Ted Harris

    August 2022

    Ted Harris, Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research

  • Sam Zipper

    May 2022

    Sam Zipper, Kansas Geological Survey

  • Amy Burgin & Erin Seybold

    September 2021

    Amy Burgin, Kansas Biological Survey & Center for Ecological Research

  • Alex Zugazagoitia

    August 2021

    Anastasia Byrd + Alex Zugazagoitia, CReSIS

  • Chris Beard

    September 2021

    Christopher Beard, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum

  • Tick trapping

    August 2021

    A. Townsend Peterson, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum

  • Brian Atkinson

    August 2021

    Brian Atkinson, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum

  • Ecohydaulics lab students, including Savannah Smith, Amirreza Zarnaghsh, Alexandra Depew and Logan Wilson, celebrate the first high-frequency sensor installation, powered by solar and suspended from a trail bridge into Mill Creek below.

    August 2021

    Admin Husic, Ecohydraulics Lab

  • Blair Schneider

    August 2021

    Blair Schneider, Kansas Geological Survey

  • Bison

    July 2021

    Ashley Wojciechowski, Konza Prairie Biological Station

  • Biodiversity Institute

    July 2021

    Jocelyn Colella, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum