Internal Funding

KU supports a variety of internal programs that provide funding or assist faculty with obtaining funding, including:

Faculty/Staff Research Development Travel Fund

Provides up to $750 annually in support of off-campus travel by eligible faculty or staff for face-to-face meetings with potential funding agency officials. Such meetings can lead to future success in obtaining grants.

General Research Fund

The General Research Fund (GRF) is a competitive award program that provides funding for the advancement of the university's research program.

Higuchi—KU Endowment Research Achievement Awards

First presented in 1982, the Higuchi Awards are designed to recognize significant research achievement conducted at the University of Kansas or another Regents institution.

KU Research GO

KU Research GO aims to expand the university’s research enterprise by supporting proposal preparation for external funding opportunities with application deadlines in the near future.

KU Research Staff and Postdoctoral Achievement Awards

These awards are intended to recognize the numerous contributions of unclassified professional staff and postdoctoral researchers to the research mission of KU, honoring outstanding individuals who have had a tangible impact in the research labs and projects in which they work.

Major Project Planning Grant

This award program is open to all Lawrence campus faculty and professional staff in every field of study and provides assistance to investigators to develop proposals for prestigious interdisciplinary research centers or projects.

New Faculty Research Development Award

This program is designed to help new tenure-track faculty members accelerate their individual scholarship and assist in building a sustainable research program.

Proposal Evaluation and External Review (PEER)

Open to all principal investigators in every field of study, this program aims to help researchers obtain quality feedback on their grant applications prior to submission to an external funding agency, to strengthen the merits of the proposal and to improve the likelihood of acceptance for funding.

Proposal Preparation Fund

This fund supports principal investigators and other key personnel for whom 100 percent effort is grant supported and who do not have other sources of non-grant funding to support proposal preparation.

Steven F. Warren Research Achievement Award

Established in 2006, this award honors outstanding unclassified academic staff researchers whose work has had significant influence in their field and has expanded intellectual or societal insights.