Molecules + medicines

Research in this area will advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease through understanding of disease mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level; sophisticated, personalized diagnostic tests to determine causes and therapy; and new medical interventions and preventative measures using drugs, biologics and devices.

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A graphic of coronavirus molecules next to a portrait of Anthony Fehr

KU lab leads research on little-studied coronavirus structure, developing treatment

University of Kansas virologist Anthony Fehr and his lab is researching the coronavirus macrodomain — an enzyme essential in causing disease — and creating an antiviral treatment targeting the enzyme.
A group of Clara Biotech staff stands on stage holding two large checks

Biotech company with KU roots wins national competition, secures funding

Clara Biotech refined a novel technology to isolate and purify exosomes, which can be used for early disease diagnosis, targeted drug delivery, cancer immunotherapy and more.
A graphic of a coronavirus, with a photo of Scott Lovell on the right

KU researcher part of teams developing treatments for COVID-19, other infectious diseases

Scott Lovell, director of KU’s Protein Structure & X-Ray Crystallography Lab, and three collaborators received a $3.7 million grant to develop an antiviral therapeutic treatment that could help people who have contracted SARS-CoV-2.
Steven Soper and two researchers tour lab where COVID-19 test is made

At home COVID-19 test developed at KU moves toward production

University of Kansas researchers, led by Steven Soper, have created an at-home rapid COVID-19 test using "lab on a chip" technology. They aim to launch the product in early 2022.