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Innovation + commercialization

Faculty across all KU campuses are exploring questions in bioscience, engineering, human development, communications and more. Their answers lead to ideas that transform + save lives and make businesses work better.

We empower innovators to bring their research and technology to the global community — one idea at a time.

Innovation + commercialization stats

Active startup companies created from KU research
Disclosures by KU inventors over the past 3 years (2021-2023)
License/option agreements executed for KU technologies in the past 3 years

Translating your ideas from lab to market

No matter where you are in the process, we can help you translate your research with resources and partners to create the greatest impact on your ideas and our world. 

The KU technology transfer process

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Tech Transfer Process

Learn about the process from start to finish to uncover your invention potential.
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Disclose Your Ideas

Tell us about your research before you make a public disclosure.
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Licensing + Entrepreneurship

License your technology for development and public benefit.

License KU technology

KU has a diverse portfolio of technologies available for licensing to give your company a competitive edge.