Are you thinking about starting a company to commercialize your research? Start smart with the KU Center for Technology Commercialization.

We can help you think through the process, arrange for Swift Startup Licensing, and guide you to startup resources such as Startup School@KU.

At the KU Innovation Park, formerly the Bioscience & Technology Business Center, you’ll find assistance and office space to establish and grow your company. The park’s locations on both the Lawrence and Medical Center campuses give you easy access to research labs, experts in your field, and business help.

Entrepreneurship resources

Cover of the Startup Guide: Translating Technology through Startups

Browse the Startup Guide

The KU Startup Guide summarizes the many resources available to KU inventors and the related policies that are most relevant.
A smiling business student talks to a fellow student while both are seated at a table with open laptops in front of them.

Jumpstart your business

KU offers a simple, ready-to-use license agreement for startup companies that are using KU-patented intellectual property.
Cory Berkland, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical & petroleum engineering and co-founder of four KU startup companies, speaks to an audience.

Take a startup class

KU offers a special training program for aspiring faculty and student entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a company.
Capitol Federal Hall, home of the KU School of Business

Access student resources

The Catalyst is KU's student business accelerator that provides access to resources critical to startup launch success.