Travel claims guidance

Travelers should follow these guidelines for prompt and accurate travel claims: 

  • Include the signature of the traveler and signature of a supervisor, unit director or other university administrator on all travel reports and requests for payment.
  • Substantiate expenses within 60 days from the date the expense is incurred. Requests for reimbursement submitted more than 90 days after the date expense is incurred or after the end-date of the sponsored agreement may be denied by KUCR.
  • Submit request for reimbursement of per diem allowance only for trips that require an overnight stay.
  • Document the business purpose of the travel and verify which days are personal and which days are for business purposes. If the number of personal days exceeds the number of business days, the cost of transportation can be considered a personal expense and may be subject to disallowance in accordance with IRS regulations. Include your daily itinerary when requesting reimbursement for the following types of travel:
    • Trips that combine personal and business days
    • International travel
  • Include the meeting agenda for travel involving formal meetings or conferences.
  • Request travel cash advance or pre-trip expense reimbursement no more than 30 days prior to the trip.