Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited Submission Process

Some funding opportunities restrict the number of submissions from an institution or require some type of internal coordination. The Office of Research, guided by policy, seeks to provide an open and timely process for announcing and coordinating institutional review. Generally, this process involves announcement and solicitation of a “Notice of Interest” (NOI). If the number of NOI’s exceeds the allowable limit for a solicitation, an internal review of brief pre-proposals from each NOI is arranged. This process will vary depending on timelines and sponsor requirements. For details or questions about the process contact KUCR Limited.

In general the timelines are:

  1. Opportunity announcement to NOI submission—2 weeks
  2. Internal-competition pre-proposals due (if needed)—2 weeks
  3. Internal review and selection—up to 4 weeks depending on number of proposals

Finding Limited Submission Opportunities

NSF provides a current listing of limited submission opportunities here.

Pivot, the grant opportunity search tool, includes a filter for limited submission opportunities if you would like to customize and save a funding opportunity search.

The Office of Research identifies some limited submission opportunities based on past engagement and alignment with faculty interests. Our active Limited Submission opportunities are listed below. Status is defined as:

“Accepting NOI” or “Accepting Pre-proposals” means the opportunity has been announced. Contact KUCR Limited if interested.

“Closed” means that internal selection is complete.

“Contact KUCR” means the internal process is complete but there are remaining openings.

If you are interested in a limited submission opportunity that is not listed below, contact KUCR Limited immediately to arrange required institutional reviews.

Current Limited Submission Status List

Sponsor Program Name Internal Deadline Sponsor Deadline Status
NIH Biomedical Research Facilities C06 2/5/20 3/17/20 Accepting NOI
NSF Innovation Corps Hubs Program 2/6/20 4/14/20 Accepting NOI
NIH KUH Predoc to Postdoc Transition 2/7/20 4/14/20 Accepting NOI
NSF Ethical and Responsible Research ER2 PASSED 2/24/20 Contact
NIH NCI Pathway to Independence for Outstanding Postoctoral Researchers PASSED 2/26/19 Contact
NSF EPSCoR Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations PASSED 1/24/20 CLOSED
NIH Collaborative Program for Multidisciplinary Teams RM1 PASSED 1/27/20 CLOSED
NIH Centers of Biomedical Excellence COBRE PASSED 1/28/20 CLOSED
DCCF  Community Grants PASSED 2/3/20 CLOSED
NSF NSF Research Traineeship NRT Program PASSED 2/6/20 CLOSED
Dreyfus Foundation Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Awards PASSED 2/6/20 CLOSED
NEA Grants for Arts Projects PASSED 2/13/20 CLOSED
NSF EPSCoR Track 4 Fellows PASSED 3/10/20 CLOSED
Keck Foundation Research Program in Science & Engineering, Medical Research PASSED 5/1/20 CLOSED