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A group of geology field researchers gather around desert plants and listen to their professor who stands with his back to the camera

KU research addresses problems of worldwide significance, delivers solutions that make a difference to Kansas and the region, and promotes an inclusive community of responsible inquiry and innovation for students and scholars. 

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KU researchers conduct fieldwork in fields, streams, rivers and mountains

Ted Harris and a team of faculty, student and staff are examining long-term water quality changes in large Kansas lakes, especially changes related to blue-green algae, which can cause harmful algal blooms (HABs).

Graphic with a photo of Elise Stella on the left and a photo of Spooner Hall with the text "unsung hero; Elise Stella; Office of Research" on the right.

Elise Stella makes things less complicated for the co-directors of the Public Digital Humanities Institute.

Graphic with a photo of Kathy Porsch on the left and a photo of the Hall Center with the text "unsung hero; Kathy Porsch; Hall Center for the Humanities" on the right.

Kathy Porsch is the backbone of countless humanities awards earned by KU researchers.

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