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#KUFieldWorks: Improving reptile conservation efforts

A University of Kansas researcher is analyzing snake biodiversity to illuminate where conservation efforts should focus to best protect reptile populations.

Senior analyst anticipates needs to keep research going

Meet the May 2023 Unsung Hero of KU Research, Nicole Suchy.

3 Quick Questions: Invention disclosures

What is an invention disclosure? When should you disclose an invention or discovery? How do you submit a disclosure? The KU Center for Technology Commercialization is here to help. 

To KU peer reviewers, with gratitude

One hundred forty-six.

Wearing many hats, administrative director keeps center moving

Meet the April 2023 Unsung Hero of KU Research, Chris Lyon, whose breadth of experience keeps CEBC running smoothly.

Getting to know how KU's technology commercialization team works for you

Cliff Michaels, who has served as executive director of KUCTC since January 2023, explains how the organization supports KU's mission, helps individual researchers navigate the commercialization process, and stimulates industry and job growth.

'I am striving to help contribute to safe and supportive communities where all our young people are able to thrive'

Jomella Watson-Thompson, associate professor of applied behavioral science and director of the Youth Violence Prevention Center – Kansas City, is reducing youth violence through school partnerships.

#KUFieldWorks: Monitoring bat viruses to prevent the next pandemic

A University of Kansas researchers is monitoring bat viruses to predict and prevent the next pandemic.

KU researchers and collaborators developing new technologies for recycling solar panels

In collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory and First Solar Inc., researchers at KU’s Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis are developing a low-cost method to separate and reuse components from used solar panels for recycling.

KU lab helps researchers worldwide fight infection

Scott Lovell is helping scientists in Kansas and around the world better understand the building blocks of infectious diseases so they can develop new treatments to fight them.

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