Getting started

The KU Office of Research is here to support your successful research program at KU. We will be your partner throughout the grants life cycle while ensuring you have the tools to meet research integrity requirements. And if your KU research yields innovations fit for the marketplace, we will help you navigate the commercialization process.

Below are units within the Office of Research to help you navigate the research process.

Research support

We provide support in all phases of the award process, including pre-award services, contract negotiations, award management and financial services for awards.

Research integrity

We maintain administrative oversight of compliance areas, including human subjects research, animal research, conflict of interest, restricted research and more.

Strategic partnerships

KU can help grow your company. We collaborate with hundreds of companies that rely on us for our expertise and research capabilities.

Innovation + commercialization

We help researchers bring their ideas and technology to the global community, transform and save people’s lives, and make businesses work better.