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Browse forms you may need to submit and policies you may need to consult to engage in research at the University of Kansas. Tables are automatically organized alphabetically by title; select the arrows at the top of the "type" column to sort and group alphabetically by topic area instead. Follow the "related content" links to visit sections of the website that provide additional context for each form and policy.

Research administration forms

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KU research administration forms
FormTypeRelated content
Budget Adjustment Form (.xlsx)Post-AwardBudget adjustments
Budget Template (.xlsx)Pre-AwardProposal budget preparation
Business Services AgreementBusiness/FinancialProcurement
Contractual Services Form (limit $5,000) (.pdf)Business/FinancialProcurement
Cost Share Verification Form (.xls)Post-Award 
Cost Transfer Request: Non-Payroll (.xlsx)Post-Award 
Data Use AgreementContract NegotiationsResearch project negotiations
Department Advance Reconciliation Request (.pdf)TravelTravel forms + policies
Employee vs. Contractor Decision Tree (.pdf)Business/FinancialProcurement
Expense Reimbursement, Out-of-Pocket (.pdf)TravelTravel forms + policies
Fee for Service AgreementBusiness/FinancialProcurement
Fixed-Price Closeout Procedures (.pdf)Post-Award 
Fly America Waiver Checklist (.pdf)TravelTravel forms + policies
Grant Close Letter (.xlsx)Post-Award 
Hotel/Event Contract Review RequestBusiness/FinancialProcurement
Human Subjects FormsResearch IntegrityHuman subjects research
Internal Revenue Services formsTravelTravel forms + policies
International Travel FormsTravelInternational travel
IT Purchase Security Assessment FormBusiness/FinancialProcurement
Limitations on University Sponsored Research Appeal Form (.doc)Research IntegrityRestricted research
Limitations on University Sponsored Research Exemption Form (.doc)Research IntegrityRestricted research
Material Transfer AgreementContract NegotiationsResearch project negotiations
Miscellaneous Agreements RequestBusiness/FinancialProcurement
No-Cost Time Extension Request (.doc)Post-Award 
Non-Disclosure Agreement RequestContract NegotiationsResearch project negotiations
Outbound Material Transfer Agreement Contract NegotiationsResearch project negotiations
Participant Payment Advance Request (.pdf)Business/FinancialParticipant payments
Participant Payment Advance Reconciliation Report (.pdf)Business/FinancialParticipant payments
Payroll (login to KU portal required)Compensation/AppointmentsKU Payroll
Per Diem Exceptions (.doc)TravelTravel forms + policies
Principal Investigator Acknowledgement of Responsibilities (.pdf)Pre-AwardProposals
Provisional Request (.pdf)Post-Award 
Research Employee Separation ChecklistCompensation/Appointments 
Retroactive Fund Adjustment (RFA) Justification Form (.pdf)Post-Award 
Scholarship/Fellowship Multiple Payments: Domestic (.xls)Post-Award 
Scholarship/Fellowship Multiple Payments: International (.xls)Post-Award 
Scholarship/Fellowship One-Time Payment (.xls)Post-Award 
Sole Source Emergency Justification (.pdf)Business/FinancialProcurement
Sponsor Refund Form (.xlsx)Post-Award 
Sponsorship Authorization: Tuition & Fees (.xls)Post-Award 
Subrecipient or Contractor Determination (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Intent Form A: KUCR Submission (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Intent Form B: KU Submission (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Intent Form for FDP Member Institutions (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure: KUCR as Prime (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure: KUCR as Subcontractor (.pdf)Pre-Award 
Tax Exemption Request Business/FinancialProcurement cards
Travel Fund, Faculty/Staff Research DevelopmentTravelTravel forms + policies
2024 Travel Expense Report (.pdf)TravelTravel forms + policies
2023 Travel Expense Report (.pdf)TravelTravel forms + policies


Accessing some forms requires entering KU login credentials.

KU research administration policies
Adjunct Research AppointmentsPre-Award 
Benefits available to GRAs, GTAs and GAs Compensation/Appointments 
Care and Use of Animals in Research and EducationConduct of Research/Research Integrity 
Chart of Accounts (.xlsx)Business/Financial
Confidentiality of Proposals and AwardsPre-Award 
Conflict of InterestConduct of Research/Research Integrity 
Contracting with International SponsorsVice Chancellor for Office of Research 
Copyright Policy (Kansas Board of Regents)Conduct of Research/Research Integrity
Cost AccountingBusiness/Financial  
Cost Sharing and MatchingPre-Award 
Cost Transfers Affecting Sponsored ProjectsPost-Award  
Credit for Externally Funded Research Activity, Allocation ofVice Chancellor for Research, Office of 
Direct and Indirect Costs, DifferentiatingPre-Award
Effort Reporting and CertificationPost-Award 
Environment, Health and SafetyConduct of Research/Research Integrity  
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate AgreementsVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs ReturnVice Chancellor for Research, Office of 
Federal Open Access PolicyConduct of Research/Research Integrity
Fixed Price Agreement, Disposition of FundsPost-Award 
Fixed-Price Sponsored Projects, Determination of ApplicabilityPre-Award 
General Research Fund (GRF) CompetitionFunding Opportunities for Research 
Gift vs. Sponsored Project GuidancePre-Award
Graduate Research Assistance (GRA) Tuition AssistancePre-Award 
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Appointment Eligibility Pre-Award 
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Salary GuidelinesCompensation/Appointments 
Grievance ProceduresVice Chancellor for Research, Office of 
Haskell Indian Nations University Collaboration ProcessVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
Human Subjects, Use in ResearchConduct of Research/Research Integrity 
Institutional Endorsement of Proposals when Submissions are Limited by External Funding AgencyPre-Award 
Intellectual Property Policy for the Lawrence CampusConduct of Research/Research Integrity
Limited Submission ProposalsFunding Opportunities for Research
Major Project Planning Grant (MPPG)Funding Opportunities for Research
Med Center, Collaborations between KU Office of Research and KUVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
New Faculty Research Development Award (NFRD) Funding Opportunities for Research
Participant Support Costs (.pdf)Pre-Award
Preliminary Proposal ReviewPre-Award
Principal Investigator (PI) StatusVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
Procurement PolicyBusiness/Financial
Property Management Policy and ProceduresBusiness/Financial
Proposal Evaluation and External Review (PEER)Funding Opportunities for Research
Proposal Preparation and Submission for Sponsored Projects, Guidelines forPre-Award
Proposal Preparation FundFunding Opportunities for Research
Proposal Preparation, Institutional Support ofPre-Award
Restricted ResearchConduct of Research/Research Integrity
Retroactive Funding AdjustmentsCompensation/Appointments
Review of Research Centers & Center DirectorsVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
Scholarly MisconductConduct of Research/Research Integrity
Scholarship/Fellowship Awarding Procedures (.pdf)Post-Award
Start-Up Funds RequestVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
Technology Transfer Revenue Distribution PolicyConduct of Research/Research Integrity
Tuition and Fees, Resident Graduate StudentPre-Award
Uniform GuidanceVice Chancellor for Research, Office of
University Research Centers and Institutes, Designation ofVice Chancellor for Research, Office of