Funding Opportunities

KU provides a range of tools to help you find funding and keep up with changes in the funding landscape. These tools can help you develop a personalized strategic approach to finding funding.

Maintaining an informed perspective of the funding landscape is a challenging proposition. Funding opportunities are in a state of constant flux — changes in administrations, legislative agendas, and disciplinary paradigms can all drive shifts in agency priorities.

RD Grant Writing News

To help faculty keep abreast of new funding developments, KU provides an institution-wide subscription to Research Development & Grant Writing News, which lists a selection of current funding opportunities and provides insights on agency developments, grant-writing tips and other topics of value to strategy-conscious grant seekers. Through this newsletter, which has been published monthly since 2010, authors Mike Cronan and Lucy Deckard share their decades of experience in research development. For access, sign in using your KU account.


KU also provides faculty, staff and students with subscription access to the PIVOT search tool. PIVOT is an easy-to-use key-word-searchable database for finding current funding opportunities specifically tailored to your research needs. PIVOT also provides a number of other resources that may be of interest to researchers, including their current top-ten search list. Please direct PIVOT questions to Doug Bornemann at or 785-864-6113.

Research Funding Agencies is another useful searchable resource for federal opportunities. In addition, individual funding agencies often provide their own funding-opportunity databases. KU maintains a list of select funding sources and databases.

Limited Submissions

Only a limited number of applications for these opportunities are accepted from a given institution, and the selection of the applications that go forward is therefore managed through KU’s Limited Submissions process. Questions on limited submission opportunities should be directed to

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Early Career Funding

Federal New Investigator opportunities generally limit the pool of applicants to researchers early in their careers, though the eligibility requirements can vary. Be sure to read the individual solicitations carefully.

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Internal Funding

KU supports a variety of internal programs that provide funding or to assist faculty with obtaining funding, including:

Grant-Related Agency Resources

Agency Listservs can be a valuable resource for tips, trends, breaking news, and new opportunities: