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The KU Office of Research provides tools to help you keep up with changes in the external funding landscape and develop a personalized, strategic approach to finding funding. We also sponsor internal funding programs and manage the process for all limited submission opportunities.

Funding opportunities

A researcher works in a lab with a chip that detects the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19

External funding

View resources to identify external funding opportunities, including the Funding Opportunities Bulletin, Research Development & Grant Writing News and the Pivot database.
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Internal funding

View internal funding opportunities sponsored by the Office of Research, including awards, grants and funds.
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Limited submissions

Some funding opportunities restrict the number of submissions from an institution or require internal coordination. The Office of Research provides an open and timely process for announcing and coordinating these opportunities.

More funding opportunities

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Early career funding

Browse a list of federal sponsoring institutions with programs designed to encourage early-stage investigators, usually at the rank of assistant professor.
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Funding agencies

Search through a list of select funding sources and databases that our office maintains.
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Research Development & Grant Writing News

This newsletter provides recent federal agency and foundation developments, news on funding opportunities and tips to improve grantsmanship and increase proposal competitiveness.
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Optimize your research funding success

KU provides subscription access to Pivot, a database of current funding opportunities in virtually every field.

Find funding with Pivot