Research Development & Grant Writing News

This newsletter provides recent federal agency and foundation developments, news on funding opportunities and tips to improve grantsmanship and increase proposal competitiveness.

The monthly newsletter, published by  Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC, typically addresses the following topics:

  • Information on new and continuing solicitations (most commonly federal)
  • Articles and links to topics of interest to grant writers
  • Analysis of sponsor policies, financials and activities
  • Suggestions for successful team and consortium building efforts


Current issue

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May 2023 (.pdf)

Contact Doug Bornemann if you would like to view past issues of Research Development & Grant Writing News. Find below the highlights of the current issue. 

May 2023 highlights

  • May 2023 Select List of Humanities, HSS, and Arts Opportunities & NewsWe list funding opportunities for scholars in the humanities, social sciences and the arts.
  • Understanding Forensic Sciences Funding We discuss funding from the National Institute of Justice for the forensic sciences.
  • Consider Joining the NSF Rotator Program We discuss opportunities to serve as a program officer at NSF and why you should consider participating.
  • Tips for Pursuing Funding from Industry We discuss what faculty should know about research funding from industry.
  • AFRI Sustainable Agricultural SYSTEMS RFA We discuss the USDA SAS program and how to define an agricultural system in this context.
  • Make Your Case for Value-Added Benefits We discuss why convincing your reviewers and funder that your proposed research will have value-added benefits is a principal consideration in funding decisions (reprinted from August 2015).
  • Welcoming New Faculty We discuss key things proposal development and sponsored projects offices can do to orient new faculty when they arrive on campus without overwhelming them (reprinted from the August 2015 issue).
  • Implicit Requirements We discuss the importance of implicit requirements in solicitations and how to address them (reprinted from the August 2015 issue).