Research Development & Grant Writing News

This newsletter provides recent federal agency and foundation developments, news on funding opportunities and tips to improve grantsmanship and increase proposal competitiveness.

The monthly newsletter, published by  Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC, typically addresses the following topics:

  • Information on new and continuing solicitations (most commonly federal)
  • Articles and links to topics of interest to grant writers
  • Analysis of sponsor policies, financials and activities
  • Suggestions for successful team and consortium building efforts


Current issue

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May 2022 (.pdf)

Contact Doug Bornemann if you would like to view past issues of Research Development & Grant Writing News. Find below the highlights of the current issue. 

May 2022 highlights


  • Select List of Humanities, HSS, and Arts Opportunities & NewsWe list funding opportunities for scholars in the humanities, social sciences and the arts.
  • USDA Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2022-2026 We summarize the recently released 52-page report, which can help researchers map their capacities to USDA’s funding landscape.
  • Planning Your CAREER Education Component PIs often struggle to develop their NSF CAREER education components. We discuss key steps and best practices.
  • What Does A Successful ERC Proposal Look Like? We discuss the characteristics that successful ERC proposals share and what you can learn from them.
  • DoEnergy Funding Directions 2023 We discuss 2023 budget requests for DOE’s Office of Science and funding opportunities.
  • How a Good Website Can Help Faculty Win Grants We discuss why it’s important for faculty researchers to maintain a good website (reprinted from May 2018).