Research Development & Grant Writing News

This newsletter provides recent federal agency and foundation developments, news on funding opportunities and tips to improve grantsmanship and increase proposal competitiveness.

The monthly newsletter, published by  Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC, typically addresses the following topics:

  • Information on new and continuing solicitations (most commonly federal)
  • Articles and links to topics of interest to grant writers
  • Analysis of sponsor policies, financials and activities
  • Suggestions for successful team and consortium building efforts


Current issue

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November 2023 (.pdf)

Contact Doug Bornemann if you would like to view past issues of Research Development & Grant Writing News. Find below the highlights of the current issue. 

November 2023 highlights

  • November 2023 Select List of Humanities, HSS, and Arts Opportunities & NewsWe list funding opportunities for scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.
  • A New NEH Initiative: “Humanities Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence” We discuss a new NIH-wide initiative for humanities scholars to investigate the assumptions underlying the current development of AI and its implications for future policy and practice.
  • DOE/SC Biological and Environmental Research We discuss DOE’s Office of Science’s Environmental System Science program.
  • The Value of Reading Abstracts of Funded Projects We discuss how abstracts of previously funded projects can help you get funded.
  • Pursuing Funding From Private Foundations Some private  foundations fund academic research, but they are fundamentally different from federal agencies. We discuss those differences.
  • National Academies Report on AI We discuss how this National Academies feature story can help us anticipate the role that AI will play in future funding opportunities. 
  • Developing a Strategic Plan for Funding Your Research  We discuss how new faculty can lay out a strategic plan for research funding (reprinted from the September 2011 issue).
  • Developing Your Research Agenda We discuss why early-career PIs need to clearly articulate their long-term research agenda, and strategies to do that (reprinted from the September 2011 issue). 
  • Developing Your Education Agenda We discuss why PIs also need a long-term education agenda, especially if they plan to pursue federal funding (reprinted from the September 2011 issue).