Innovation & commercialization success stories

Success in innovation & commercialization can be demonstrated in many ways. One way is through the creation of new products that can be used by the public and businesses. Here you will find a sampling of products that have arisen from KU innovations and made their way to the market. Each has its own story — and KU startups and licensees are writing new ones every day.

KU Success Stories

Velcade patient


Bortezomib, sold under the brand name Velcade, is an anti-cancer drug used in combination with other chemotherapies to treat multiple myeloma and certain lymphomas. During development, Bortezomib presented stability issues, making it difficult to deliver to patients as part of chemotherapy. In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, KU researchers invented a novel, stable formulation of the drug, enabling its delivery through IV.

Today, Velcade is considered the gold standard of care for patients with multiple myeloma and is approved in over 90 countries.
NTrainer product


NTrainer is a medical device that improves critical pre-feeding skill in newborns and preterm infants, reducing the need for feeding tubes in infants. NTrainer was originally developed at KU and licensed to Innara Health, a KU startup located in Olathe, Kansas, which continued development and secured FDA clearance for the device, It is now in use at multiple children’s hospitals.

An improved second-generation NTrainer is now in development by Innara through a strategic partnership with Cardinal Health.
EcoDenser employee


Ecodenser is a uniquely designed heat exchanger system used in-line with a lab hood to cool chemical reactions in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The EcoDenser eliminates the need for continuous water flow, saving thousands of gallons of water per year, per lab hood. The EcoDenser was invented at KU and then licensed to Smart Labhood Inc. for further refinement and commercialization.

The EcoDenser is in use at multiple academic and commercial facilities — including KU, Ohio State and North Dakota State — saving both water and costs.
The GreenReport map

The GreenReport

The GreenReport is a tool developed by the Kansas Biological Survey at KU using satellite imagery to show vegetation conditions.
KU startup company Terrametrics licensed use of the The GreenReport, which now leverages current satellite data with historic data to present a more complete picture of vegetation conditions, trends and changes over time in the U.S.

The GreenReport is now incorporated into predictive tools and market reports that help forecast crop yields used across the U.S.