I Am Striving

University of Kansas faculty are striving to advance knowledge, interpret our world, solve problems, spark innovation, create beauty and catalyze imagination through their research, scholarship and creative activity. Through the “I Am Striving” series, we’ll learn more about what inspires KU researchers, as well as the goals and impact of their work.

María Velasco | Visual Art

'I am striving to create change in our communities through art, beauty and dialogue'

Ayesha Hardison | History of Black Writing

'I am striving to encourage and support the study and love of African American literature'

Jim Butler | Kansas Geological Survey

'I am striving to chart more sustainable paths forward for the aquifers supporting irrigated agriculture in Kansas'

Tera Fazzino | Cofrin Logan Center

'I am striving to help our population access and live a healthier life'

Ana Motta | KU Biodiversity Institute

'I am striving to democratize the use of natural history collections'

Beth Bailey | History

'I am striving to understand social change, and how people in the past understood the world they lived in'

Jomella Watson-Thompson | Life Span

'I am striving to help contribute to safe and supportive communities where all our young people are able to thrive'

Joanna Slusky | Molecular Bioscience

'I am striving to make the world better with new proteins'

Erin Seybold | Kansas Geological Survey

'I am striving to keep water clean, sustainable and accessible in the future'

Greg Thomas | Center for Design Research

'I am striving to connect students, university and industry to advance design'

Meg Paceley | Social Welfare

‘I am striving to promote equity and justice for queer and trans youth'

Mark Shiflett | Chemical Engineering

‘I am striving to develop more environmentally friendly refrigerants for a sustainable future’

Allison Kirkpatrick | Astronomy

‘I am striving to inspire the next generation of women to uncover the mysteries of the universe’

Paulyn Cartwright | Evolutionary Biology

‘I am striving to make science exciting, accessible and inclusive for all’

Darren Canady | English

‘I am striving to breathe dynamic life into stories of the Black Midwest’

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