Research administration training + resources

The Office of Research offers research administration training and resources, including a certificate program and foreign influence on research integrity resources. 

Research Administration 101

The Office of Research offers a certificate program, Research Administration 101, to members of the KU community engaged in the administration of externally sponsored projects.  

The course is intended to provide an introduction to research administration for KU professionals who are new to the field. Many of the topics addressed are relevant to all sponsored projects, including research, educational service agreements, training grants and public service projects. Some topics will be relevant to any research activity, regardless of whether it is externally funded. Past participants are invited to drop in on sessions for a refresher.

KU Research is developing a new online Research Administration 101 course. We will share updates and more information as it becomes available.

If you have questions about the materials and course schedule, please contact


Research Administration 101 (RA101) is an introductory online course for KU personnel who are new to the research administration profession.

We will share dates and more information about the 2021-2022 session. 

Each session focuses on a specific topic in research administration of current interest. Sessions are recorded and made available to members of the KU community online.  

Foreign influence on research integrity

As noted by the National Institutes of Health Advisory Committee to the Director, the research enterprise is subject to risks regarding peer review integrity and intellectual property protection. Although foreign nationals overwhelmingly contribute to enhancing the University of Kansas (and national) research community, some foreign governments have taken advantage of our highly productive and interactive research community by mounting systematic programs to unduly influence and capitalize on research activities. 

The University of Kansas is committed to fostering dynamic research collaborations while also promoting full transparency surrounding all interactions with external sponsors, industry and foreign entities. In support of this vibrant research environment, we expect every member of the research community to comply with all university and sponsor policies. The resources below are designed to aid in this compliance:


The term "export controls" typically refers to regulations overseen by several federal agencies — especially the Departments of State, Commerce and Treasury — that implement federal laws put in place to protect national security, promote foreign policy, and in some cases to control short supplies. The regulations govern the international transfer of military and most commercial items, including software and technical information, and certain services. In addition to the transfer of items out of the United States, the term “export” also refers to the release of controlled software source code or technical information to a foreign national, whether in the U.S. or abroad.

Seeking assistance with export control regulations

It is important for all members of the KU community to understand how export control regulations can affect their university activities, identify export control issues, and obtain assistance to properly document exports.

Export control regulations are intricate and involved. Penalties and fines imposed for export control violations are severe and can include criminal, civil and administrative charges. You are encouraged to seek assistance for any question on the topic.

The Office of Global Operations & Security (GOS) is responsible for directing and monitoring the university’s export control compliance program and implementing procedures and/or guidelines to comply with federal export control laws and regulations. For more information, visit the GOS website or contact the KU Export Control Officer at