Supporting Innovation for All KU

We provide support for activities relating to intellectual property protection, licensing, and new venture creation.

Our values

We provide KU with a robust technology commercialization infrastructure, supporting innovations from our entire research community. We leverage KU’s unique assets, the innovation ecosystem and existing talent for the benefit of all KU, our stakeholders, and the greater community.

KUCTC envisions itself as the organization within KU capable of serving as its innovation connective tissue, combining its alignment with research activities and possessing a deep understanding of IP and commercial value. We produce creative and responsible licensing, leading to new product creation and positive societal impact.

We are a "one university" office serving researchers at all KU campuses. We add value to all KU by:

  • Identifying, reviewing and protecting intellectual property resulting from research.
  • Negotiating licenses for KU intellectual property.
  • Collaborating with innovation ecosystem partners to support startup endeavors and industry engagement.

Our goals are to identify promising technologies and seek intellectual property (IP) protection for those inventions which can potentially benefit the public. 

We help find or support the creation of a commercial partner to take those invention to market. Not every invention can be protected, and the costs of pursuing protection is high. KU works to make informed and transparent decisions that balance the investment risks associated with IP protection, prosecution and the path toward impact. Additionally, our team works to ensure all legal and commercial documentation is handled with appropriate care. 

While the role of KUCTC is important in the commercialization process, we do not operate alone. We are a part of a rich ecosystem which includes our colleagues at KU Innovation Park, Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation, Industry Engagement, and more.

In addition to IP and patent protection, we conduct many other activities that add value, such as:

  • Educating our research community about commercialization and intellectual property.
  • Marketing KU intellectual property to potential partners.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and sponsor guidelines concerning intellectual property.
  • Monitoring licenses and other agreements for compliance.
  • Collaborating with other research offices at KU and KUMC, including sponsored research and conflicts of interest.
  • Partnering with other KU organizations to assist in accelerating technology development and new venture creation.

Our Team

We're a team of experts dedicated to bringing KU-developed research expertise and technologies to the marketplace to support industry and spur job growth. We serve as advisors and guides, while providing infrastructure that supports and translates technology. In short, we champion the translation of KU faculty research.

Tammi Bramlett

Senior Administrative Assistant / Intellectual Property Coordinator

Chris Hanson

Intellectual Property Associate

Bethany Scothorn

Compliance and Finance Specialist

Bridget Stull

Director, Administration & Systems

Patrick Hanway

Licensing Associate

Cliff Michaels

Executive Director

Taylor Escher

Licensing Associate

Danya Turkmani

Marketing Associate

KUCTC office locations

As a "One University" office, we support innovators from offices on all KU campuses.

KU Center for Technology Commercialization – Lawrence Campus
Lawrence Campus
KU Innovation Park , Suite 142
2029 Becker Drive
Lawrence , Kansas 66045
KU Center for Technology Commercialization – KUMC Campus
KU Medical Center Campus
Fairway North , Suite 2000
4330 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Fairway , Kansas 66205

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