Photo collage showing students smiling while interacting with a teacher in a high school classroom on the left, while a scientist in a lab coat and safety goggles transfers a vaccine into a vial in a KU laboratory on the right.

For industry + community partners

Make KU your research and engagement partner of choice. Leverage world-class faculty experts, advanced equipment and facilities, and knowledgeable students to meet community needs and tackle industry challenges.

Sharon Billings, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and senior scientist at the Kansas Biological Survey, guides a student using an instrument to bore into a tree in the lush, green Baldwin Woods preserve.

Find a KU faculty expert

Wondering who at KU is working on a specific technology or has expertise in a particular community issue? Experts at KU is designed to help you find the right faculty partner for your needs.

Find a KU expert

Collaborate + engage

Need to tackle a research problem or community challenge? KU offers numerous partnership models to facilitate research and community collaborations to address your needs.

Collaboration models

Researcher in lab coat, goggles, gloves and a face mask monitors fuel in a large, glass vessel in KU's Biodiesel Initiative laboratory.

Sponsor KU research

KU helps national and international industry partners solve problems. A variety of contracting mechanisms facilitate discussion and collaboration based on needs and interests.
Two researchers at the KU Field Station crouch in a plot of green plants staked off with blue flags under an arched metal framework with the sun setting behind them.

Collaborate on federal opportunities

Collaborate with KU faculty on federal opportunities to collectively solve problems of interest while simultaneously accelerating solutions to the marketplace.
Graphic designer Sara O'Keeffe creating a graphic recording during a 2018 summit.

Partner to meet community needs

KU helps community partners fulfill needs collaboratively along a spectrum of engagement ranging from outreach and education to full participation in the research process.
Researcher wearing protective white suit, gloves and a face mask holds a piece of reflective material used in the production of "lab on a chip" devices that can test for illnesses like COVID-19. The researcher's face is visible in the material's reflection.

License KU technology

The KU Center for Technology Commercialization is the central home for KU technology. This technology may either be licensed for incorporation directly into your product or may provide the necessary foundational element that can be advanced through a collaborative research relationship.

License KU technology
Instrumentation in nanofabrication laboratory where lab-on-a-chip devices are being manufactured for at-home, rapid COVID-19 testing

Access specialized equipment, expertise  

Leverage KU's core lab facilities and our specialized, fee-based analytical equipment to accelerate development of your product or technology.

Explore KU's core labs
Architectural rendering of Phase 3 facility in KU's West District, a modern building adjacent to the existing Bioscience & Technology Business Center.

KU Innovation Park

Adjacent to campus, this collaboration ecosystem provides opportunities to rent space and leverage KU's resources for talent and research expertise.

More about the park