Licensing + Entrepreneurship

Are you thinking about starting a company to commercialize your research? Start smart with the KU Center for Technology Commercialization.

We can help you think through the process, arrange for Swift Startup Licensing, and guide you to startup resources such as Startup School@KU.

At the KU Innovation Park, formerly the Bioscience & Technology Business Center, you’ll find assistance and office space to establish and grow your company. The park’s locations on both the Lawrence and Medical Center campuses give you easy access to research labs, experts in your field, and business help.

Commercialization resources

Viles for commercialization

Commercialization resources

KU's rich ecosystem across all campuses fosters innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Licensing forms

Find forms and information related to licensing, including frequently asked questions explaining various types of licensing options.

Swift startup license

A simplified, ready-to-use license agreement striking a reasonable balance between the needs of the startup company and KU.
Cover of the Startup Guide: Translating Technology through Startups

Browse the Startup Guide

The KU Startup Guide summarizes the many resources available to KU inventors and the related policies that are most relevant.

License KU Technology

KU has a diverse portfolio of technologies available for licensing to give your company a competitive edge.