Research project negotiations

The Contract Negotiations team in the Office of Research reviews and negotiates sponsored and other research-related agreements, and issues subaward agreements and subcontracts.

Contract Negotiations ensures conformity with university, agency, federal and state policies and regulations and is responsible for obtaining the authorized signature for research-related agreements. The office does not provide legal advice.

Contract Negotiations can assist you with the following types of sponsored research agreements and funding contracts:

  1. Grant agreements
  2. Cooperative agreements
  3. Federal contracts for research
  4. Sponsored research agreements to facilitate your research project
    • Generally, sponsors provide their own template when sponsoring your research using an agreement. If you've received a sponsored research agreement, please forward it to Contract Negotiations.
    • Occasionally, sponsors will request that Contract Negotiations draft an agreement on their behalf. If your sponsor has requested that KU draft the agreement, please submit a Sponsored Research Agreement Request.

Contract Negotiations forms

Material transfers are a common part of the research process, and transfers are typically governed by a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). KU engages in research-related MTAs on a regular basis through the Contract Negotiations division.

The exchange of confidential information is a common part of the research process, especially with industry partners. Any given exchange of confidential information is typically governed by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA). KU engages in research-related NDAs and CDAs through the Contract Negotiations division.

The exchange of data that requires special care is a common part of the research process, especially with respect to health and educational information. Exchanges of data that require special care may be governed by a Data Use Agreement (DUA or DTUA). KU engages in research-related DUAs through the Contract Negotiations division. A special type of DUA particular to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Occasionally, the terms of a proposal will require that KU enter into a Teaming Agreement with a proposal partner. Please contact Contract Negotiations if your proposal requires a Teaming Agreement.

It’s common for a grant or cooperative agreement budget to include subawards. After the time of grant or cooperative agreement award from your federal sponsor, Contract Negotiations is responsible for issuing any planned subawards. If your grant requires a subaward that has not yet been issued to the subawardee, please submit a subaward issuance request form.

Occasionally an organization will want to engage in research with a KU investigator using consideration other than monetary funding. When research is authorized under a formal agreement but monetary consideration is not contemplated, the project may be best authorized under a Non-Monetary Research Collaboration Agreement. The Contract Negotiations division is responsible for negotiating agreements of this type.

  • Non-Monetary Research Collaboration Agreement Request coming soon