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A team of University of Kansas researchers is using radar-equipped drones to monitor changes in glaciers. This work is essential to understanding how quickly sea levels rise and make forecasts about the impact of that change. 

Scott Jeffress keeps research facilities running thanks to years of experience and tenacity in spite of supply chain issues.  

Erin Seybold and a graduate student collecting water samples in a river

Erin Seybold, assistant scientist at the Kansas Geological Survey, is keeping water resources clean, sustainable, and accessible for future generations.

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FBI special agent’s take on national cybersecurity threats

The Office of Research co-hosted a cybersecurity conference with the FBI.

Kids regularly run away from Kansas foster homes. The state hopes to improve

An Institute for Policy & Social Research study estimated foster care caseloads can drop by 14% if more money was spent on food benefits for families.

Investigating Ice Age America’s Ancient Abattoir

Lauriane Bourgeon, postdoctoral scholar at the Kansas Geological Survey, studies tools and animal bones to better understand the peopling of the Americas.

These Artists Are Reimagining Black History Month To Create A Better Future

Anthony Boyton, doctoral candidate in the English department, explains the significance of Afrofuturism in Black literature.

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