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Meet the May 2023 Unsung Hero of KU Research, Nicole Suchy.

What is an invention disclosure? When should you disclose an invention or discovery? How do you submit a disclosure? The KU Center for Technology Commercialization is here to help. 

A split image of four photos shows KU researchers conducting fieldwork research in fields, rivers, streams and mountains. The graphic has text in the center that reads, "#KUFieldWorks"

A University of Kansas researcher is analyzing snake biodiversity to illuminate where conservation efforts should focus to best protect reptile populations.

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Mexican Music Is Taking Over the World

Rafael Acosta, associate professor of Latin American Studies, says criticism of corridos, a genre of Mexican music, is hypocritical given similarities to lyrics in English genres.

As ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ ends, will its Jewish legacy be more than a punchline?

Henry Bial, professor of theatre, said the emergence of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” in 2017 exemplified a shift to more overt portrayals of Jewish people on TV — especially on streaming services.

This hot Jupiter exoplanet unexpectedly hangs out with a super-Earth

Jonathan Brande, doctoral candidate in astronomy, spoke with Popular Science about a recently discovered “hot Jupiter” in another solar system.

Taylor Swift and her fans are such a phenomenon, this KU professor is studying them

Brian Donovan, professor of sociology, spoke about receiving more than 2,000 responses to a TikTok post he made to recruit Taylor Swift fans for an upcoming study.

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