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KU researchers conduct fieldwork in fields, streams, rivers and mountains

Ted Harris and a team of faculty, student and staff are examining long-term water quality changes in large Kansas lakes, especially changes related to blue-green algae, which can cause harmful algal blooms (HABs).

Graphic with a photo of Elise Stella on the left and a photo of Spooner Hall with the text "unsung hero; Elise Stella; Office of Research" on the right.

Elise Stella makes things less complicated for the co-directors of the Public Digital Humanities Institute.

Graphic with a photo of Kathy Porsch on the left and a photo of the Hall Center with the text "unsung hero; Kathy Porsch; Hall Center for the Humanities" on the right.

Kathy Porsch is the backbone of countless humanities awards earned by KU researchers.

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KU Medical Center announces nearly $27 million grant to accelerate research

The five-year grant will fund Frontiers Clinical and Translational Science Institute at KUMC.

How faculty hiring sustains inequity in academia

A recent story in Science mentions Institute for Policy and Social Research director Donna Ginther’s research on Black faculty members’ scholarly work being cited less frequently than their white colleagues.

Pending water crisis plagues western Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey director emeritus Rex Buchanan discusses potential water insecurity in the state.

Nonprofits may need to spend about one-third of their budget on overhead to thrive

Hala O. Altamimi, assistant professor of public affairs and administration, wrote a blog with her colleague on their research suggesting that arts nonprofits that spend 35% of their budget on overhead perform best in terms of attendance.

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