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A split image shows a portrait of Darren Canady on the right and two theater students sitting on a stage on the left

Q&A with Darren Canady, professor of English, as part of the "I Am Striving" series

A split image of four photos shows KU researchers conducting fieldwork research in fields, rivers, streams and mountains. The graphic has text in the center that reads, "#KUFieldWorks"

A team of University of Kansas researchers is studying the role of intermittent streams to better understand how hydrology, biogeochemistry and microbial ecology in small headwater streams interact to influence downstream water availability and water quality.

Maryemma Graham, Susanne B. Dietzel, and David Deskins examine a text they recovered

The History of Black Writing is helping fill gaps in American literature and challenging how literature is taught, including which authors are included — or not included — in literary discussions. Its current and former leaders reflect on the project’s legacy and envision its future. 

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Americans aren’t asking for transgender sports bans. So why pass them?

Political science faculty Patrick Miller and Don Haider-Markel and their colleagues explain in this Washington Post article that Americans don't support transgender sports bans, despite the recent passage of laws across the country.

‘A Genetic History of the Americas’ with Jennifer Raff

Anthropology associate professor Jennifer Raff speaks with podcast host Chris Hayes about her bestselling book "Origin" on how the first people migrated to the Americas.

The Scholars Who Charted Black Music’s Timeline: Tony Bolden

Tony Bolden, professor of African and African-American studies, is featured in this JSTOR article, where he explores the principals that inform Afrofuturist music.

An archerfish family tree is the best shot yet at the evolution of sniper fish

A team of University of Kansas ecology & evolutionary biologists, including associate professor Leo Smith, published an investigation of the archerfish that details the origin of the species and divergence from its family of fish.

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