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General Research Fund (GRF) Competition

General Research Fund competition (GRF)

FY 2020

The General Research Fund (GRF) is a competitive award program that provides funding for the advancement of the university's research program. The Office of Research provides funds to each school or college and assists in the administration of these funds. The Vice Chancellor for the Office of Research has delegated to each entity the responsibility for awarding the funds. Each entity determines proposal criteria and has its own review committee, guidelines, application forms, application process and submission deadline. The Faculty Senate Research Committee is responsible for reviewing reports submitted by each school or college outlining the progress each entity has made in meeting its research goals. The allocation of funds to all entities for the following three-year period will be determined by this review.

Each faculty member on the Lawrence campus is eligible to submit one GRF proposal to his or her school or college as the principal investigator. Awards are based on the merit of the proposal, which includes the scholarly excellence of the proposal and its benefit to the university and to the individual researcher. Each entity may add additional proposal criteria, as they deem appropriate. All funds are awarded for a one-year period (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) and may be used for summer salary, student or GRA salary, supplies and travel. The State of Kansas does not allow payment of tuition with these funds.

GRF Guidelines & GRF Handbook for research administrators and PI's to use in managing a GRF award is available.  If you have any questions regarding GRF funding, please contact Kelly Baysinger, kbaysinger@ku.edu.

In the table below you will find the contact and submission information for each entity. Please contact the applicable entity for detailed application information.


Contact Information


School of Architecture & Design

Mahbub Rashid - Patti Baker

mrashid@ku.edu 785-864-4405

pmbaker@ku.edu 785-864-3114

March 8, 2019

School of Business

Charly Edmonds
cedmonds@ku.edu 785-864-3841

January 25, 2019

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

• SOTA • Behavioral • Humanities • Life Sciences • Physical Sciences • Social Sciences

Joy Ward – Tamara Falicov
joyward@ku.edu 785-864-5218

tfalicov@ku.edu 785-864-1353

February 8, 2019

School of Education

Lisa Wolf-Wendel – Shanna Williams
lwolf@ku.edu 785-864-9722

shannaw@ku.edu 785-864-0546

February 15, 2019

School of Engineering

Anna Paradis – Heather Abernathy

aparadis@ku.edu 785-864-1952

habernathy@ku.edu 785-864-4512

February 15, 2019

School of Journalism & Mass Communications

Tien-Tsung Lee

ttlee@ku.edu  785-864-7626

February 22, 2019

School of Law

Jessica Brown

jessicabrown@ku.edu  785-864-4777

February 22, 2019


Andi Back

aback@ku.edu  785-864-3425

February 22, 2019

School of Music

Terri Morris
tlmorris@ku.edu  785-864-3422

February 8, 2019

School of Pharmacy

Janelle Ruisinger

jruisinger@kumc.edu  785-864-6369

February 15, 2019

School of Social Welfare

Elenor Buffington

ebuffington@ku.edu  785-864-5201

February 15, 2019


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