Project manager serves as constant resource for research staff

A graphic shows Kiley Higgs on the right and on the left reads, Unsung Hero, Kiley Higgs, Department of Neurology, University of Kansas Medical Center

Kiley Higgs | Research Project Manager | University of Kansas Medical Center 

Kiley Higgs was instrumental in managing the lengthy applications for Jeffrey Statland’s $5 million funded research project to study facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. 

Higgs manages multi-site clinical trials and networks for the Neuromuscular Research Division at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  

“Her optimism and genuine feeling we can get things done is infectious,” said Statland, professor of neurology. “And I often hear from our sites, patients, industry, and advocacy how helpful Kiley has been with projects, detailed studies or agreements.”  

Higgs helped submit the application for Statland’s MOVE+ project, funded by Avidity Biosciences and the FSHD Canada Foundation. The project will study motor and functional outcomes specific to facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy over time. 

Higgs runs the daily operations for studies in the Neuromuscular Research Division, including getting regulatory approval for sites, creating documents, applying for funding, and more.  

“Kylie is really the backbone that helps to run that,” said Andrew Heim, neuromuscular lead research project manager.  

Heim said Higgs successfully handles the many responsibilities of her roles. In addition to being research project manager, she also manages a team of eight clinical research coordinators. She is always thoughtful toward her co-workers and colleagues, Heim said. If anyone needs advice or has questions, Higgs often has the answers.   

“She is a constant resource for our research staff,” Heim said. “She is quick to help others, reassuring, and is able to find solutions to issues as they arise.”