Responsible research training + resources

The KU Research Integrity team provides training and resources to help researchers engage ethically and responsibly in their work.

Please contact us with questions about responsible scholarship or academic misconduct, or if you wish to arrange for a presentation to your department, class, lab or other group. 

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, or CITI, provides all KU researchers with access to a variety of research-related compliance modules, including the Responsible Conduct of Research course.                

CITI is a widely trusted provider of research compliance training and draws on experts and leaders in their fields for content development of its courses.     

How to log in and register for the Responsible Conduct of Research Basic Course:

  1. Click Access CITI training. You will log in using your KU online ID.
  2. Enter “University of Kansas-Lawrence” into the search box to initiate the KU sign-on authentication.
  3. On the page after signing in, you’ll see your name in the upper right corner.
    This is your “CITI home page” for all your training activity in CITI.
  4. Scroll down until you see Learner Tools for University of Kansas – Lawrence and
    click the first link, Add a Course.
  5. You will see the full list of courses available for KU. 
    Scroll down to Question 5 and select the RCR Basic Course.
  6. Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom and click the blue Submit button.
  7. You’ll return to your CITI home page and see the RCR Basic course under Active Courses
    Click the Start Now button to open the course.

Understanding + Avoiding Plagiarism

A panel of KU faculty and representatives from iThenticate software explore the scope of plagiarism, consider the power and pitfalls of plagiarism-checking tools, and provide tips on using plagiarism tools wisely.

iThenticate: Publish with confidence

iThenticate logoThrough a collaboration between the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost, the KU community has access to software that empowers faculty and students to “publish with confidence” by checking publications and dissertations for plagiarism.

iThenticate compares KU publications against a comprehensive database of the world’s top published works. The software is available via single sign-on at KU's iThenticate login page. Simply enter your KU credentials, agree to the terms of service, and submit a document for review.

You may also manipulate settings to exclude quotes, bibliographies, certain phrases and other elements. Learn about managing documents, understanding the “similarity report” and more by browsing iThenticate’s user guide.

We encourage KU faculty and students to take advantage of this tool to ensure the highest standards of research integrity. We all want to present our research in the best light possible; iThenticate can help.

Training for KU faculty

Training for KU graduate students