A new pre-award team dedicated to biomedical sciences research

From: Brad Bernet, Associate Director, Pre-Award Services
Sent: Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023, 1:23 p.m.
To: Higuchi Biosciences Center researchers

Dear HBC researchers,

I am pleased to announce that, effective Feb. 6, Matt Stevens will begin as the Team Leader/Grant Manager of a new team in the Office of Research dedicated to biomedical sciences research. This team, designated as Pre-Award Services Team 3, will be responsible for assisting Higuchi Biosciences Center investigators with preparing, reviewing and submitting proposals to external sponsors, along with other pre-award tasks.

Two experienced staff members will join Matt on the team:

  • Cynthia Beall, Grant Coordinator
  • Stephanie Phan, Grant Officer

Matt, Cynthia and Stephanie already have been assisting HBC investigators with proposals since Fall 2022 or earlier. Team 3 will initially assist primarily with HBC pre-award work. Eventually they will begin serving other biomedical science units on campus, and additional staff may shift to Team 3 at that time.

When requesting assistance with an upcoming proposal, please continue to use the Pre-Award intake email at kucrpremgmt@lists.ku.edu. That inbox is monitored by Matt, our other team leaders (Fawn Weber and Tina Roberts), and me to ensure timely responses. Please contact Matt or me if you have any questions.

Thank you. We look forward to assisting you via our new team!

Brad Bernet
Associate Director, Pre-Award Services