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Proposal Budget Preparation

Use these guidelines to estimate project costs.  Salaries are increased at 3% per year for all personnel, unless restricted by agency.

Salary Type Monthly Rate Formula
pay rate x 26 = yearly rate ÷ 12
Hourly hourly rate x 2,080 = yearly rate ÷ 12
Fringe Benefits
Type Effort % Benefit %
Faculty/Staff/Post Docs .90 to 1.0 FTE 35%
Current, named faculty/staff/post docs .50 to .89 FTE 40%
Current, named faculty/staff/post docs .49 FTE or less 9%
Graduate students >76% 15%
Graduate students <75% 7%
Undergraduate students Any 7%
Updated January 2016

Cost Sharing Guidance

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Associate Director, Pre-Award Services