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Facilities & Administration (F&A) Rate Agreements

Federally Negotiated F&A Rate
Start Date for New Projects Research on Campus Instruction on Campus Other 
Sponsored Activity on Campus
All Programs off Campus
07/01/15 – 06/30/16
50% 50% 33% 26%
07/01/16 – 06/30/19
51.5% 50% 34% 26%
07/01/19 – Until Amended
51.5% 50% 34% 26%
For-Profit Entity F&A Rate
Start Date for New Projects All Programs-on Campus All Programs-off Campus
07/01/15 – 06/30/16 56% 32%
07/01/16 – 06/30/19 57.5% 33.5%

Federal signed rate agreement (pdf) - FY17
Industry signed rate agreement (pdf) - FY17
New Rate Implementation (pdf)

On-Campus Vs. Off-Campus F&A Rate
Whether the project is charged an on-campus or off-campus F&A rate is decided by time and effort, not dollars. If more than half of the work will be conducted at the university, the on-campus rate is to be used. Even if a lower mandated agency F&A rate is charged (i.e., training grant at 8% F&A), KUCR still needs to determine whether it is an on-campus or off-campus research project. This issue needs to be addressed at the proposal stage.