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Tuition and Fellowships

It is a policy of the University of Kansas that the full cost of in-state tuition for Graduate Research Assistants must be included in all proposals.  Tuition for all GRA’s is covered either through the sponsored project supporting their GRA position or through the Tuition Assistance Pool, depending on the sponsoring agency.  Post Award Services will send a reminder email to all departments along with a tuition sponsorship form tri-annually.  This form must be completed by the department and submitted to KUCR through the following email:  tuitionKUCR@ku.edu.

In order for tuition credit to be applied to the student's account in a timely manner, the preferred deadlines for submission for the Sponsorship Authorization forms to KUCR are:
Summer semester - April 1
Fall semester - July 1
Spring semester - December 1
In addition to the appropriate tuition sponsorship form, if the GRA is out-of-state, they must complete the Staff Rates Form in order to ensure in-state rates are charged.  The Staff Rates form is submitted to the Bursar’s Office.

When an individual is receiving fellowship or stipend support from a sponsored project, the appropriate fellowship request form must be completed by the department and submitted to KUCR.  Fellowships are applied to a KU student account through Financial Aid and Scholarships and will be reflected in Enroll & Pay.  Fellowships payments for non-KU students are paid to individuals through the Bursar’s Office.  

Scholarship/Fellowship Procedure Form MS Word
Multiple Payments Domestic MS Excel
Multiple Payments International MS Excel
KU Fellowship Payment Form MS Excel

Any fellowship paid with sponsored funds must be submitted to KUCR for approval through the following email:  fellowshipsKUCR@ku.edu.