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Signature Requirements- Employee and Student Travelers

As a recipient of Federal grants and awards, KUCR is required by the OMB to “maintain adequate source documentation”. Below is a quick reference guide for required documents and documentation in the PeopleSoft Travel Module (T&E Module) for business purposes. The T&E Module will only be used for employee and student travel.

Requirements Comments
Barcode cover sheet
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The first page of the travel document scan.
Conference Agenda
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Must be attached as part of source documentation. If no agenda is provided, then business purpose of trip must be documented in the PeopleSoft COMMENTS or DESCRIPTION field.
Foreign Currency
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Only U.S. dollars are to be entered into the T&E Module. Please attach a currency conversion summary report or other evidence of exchange rate. To find current rate use the Oanda website.  
Itinerary, Transportation
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Must be attached as part of source documentation.
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Submit ALL required receipts and document any expense for which there is not a receipt. Travel expenses paid by other sources must also be documented. (Note: receipts not required for meals if claiming per diem.)
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The T&E Module contains workflow for Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports. However, PI approval of expenses will not initially be included in the workflow approval chain for a variety of reasons. As a result, research centers or departments must obtain approval from their PIs or their designees and include that documentation as part of the online expense report. Use the Travel Summary to obtain an approval signature. An email approval from the PI or designee that is included with the documentation as part of the online expense report will also be considered official documentation of approval in the event a signature cannot be obtained.
Travel Summary (pdf)
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This is the second document in the travel document scan. Only Principal Investigator (PI)/PI designee signature is required (no traveler signature) when using this form. Prepaid related travel may be documented by including P-Card transaction number(s) in the COMMENTS field in the online travel expense report or on the summary. (NOTE: the Non-Employee Travel Expense Report is required for non-employee/non-student travel processed outside the T&E Module.)


Other Travel References Comments
Additional Expenses
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Please contact kuresaccounting@ku.edu for assistance.
Cash Advances
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Requires an approved Travel Authorization, including for in-state travel. Must be APPROVED by Department Approver a minimum of ten business days prior to payment to be issued in time for your departure. ALL cash advances will use the following chart fields: 2300000-909-31565.
"Fly America Act"
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Airfares to international locations on federal or federal flow-through funds must be purchased according to conditions of the Fly America Act. Please contact your Post Award team with requirement questions.
Per Diem Calculator
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Maintained by KUCR for the convenience of traveler or proxy.
Per Diem Exceptions
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This form is to be used if the per diem rate requested is lower than the standard published per diem rate for KUCR, either at time of proposal if lower rates are included in the budget or prior to travel.
KU Research Travel policies