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Travel Policies- Purpose, Goals And Responsibilities

Statement of Purpose

The travel policies are intended as a guide for travel policiesthe reimbursement of travel expenses incurred in the performance of KUCR activities. Consistently applied policies and procedures are necessary to ensure compliance with Federal tax law and third party sponsoring agency regulations.

By submitting a cash advance request, travel expense report or claim for reimbursement, the traveler and approving authority certify that the travel is necessary and applicable to the mission of KUCR and/ or the University of Kansas. Consistent and timely reporting of travel costs benefits the traveler and KUCR in many ways:

  • Streamlined review of travel reports results in quicker reimbursements
  • Travel guidelines are applied consistently to all travel funds
  • Potentially taxable transactions are identified in a timely manner
  • Funding agencies' demand for accountability is met
  • The taxpaying public is assured that funds are used appropriately
  • Research project budgets can be effectively planned and managed

Philosophy and Goals

  • Fair treatment of expenses to the traveler (No Loss / No Gain)
  • Prompt reimbursement to traveler for allowable expenses
  • Compliance with government and sponsoring agency regulations
  • Maximum effectiveness from money spent for travel

Responsibilities of KUCR

  • Establish clear and equitable guidelines for reimbursement of travel costs
  • Clearly communicate the guidelines to KUCR clients and to the university community
  • Implement policies and procedures that meet Internal Revenue Service criteria to ensure that travel transactions receive proper tax treatment
  • Ensure that travel under sponsored projects is within the terms of the agreements

Responsibilities of the Traveler

  • Accurately and promptly report all business related travel costs in accordance with KUCR policy
  • Certify that travel and resulting costs are necessary to accomplish KUCR or University of Kansas business
  • Exercise good judgement as a representative of the University of Kansas
  • Identify and separate personal costs from allowable business expenses when requesting reimbursement
  • Identify all prepayments, cash advances and third party support on the travel report