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Pre-Award and Post-Award Staff Assignments

Pre-Award and Post-Award specialists are assigned to teams and are organized on a departmental basis for project management. Other staff listings are located in the staff directory.

Pre-Award team assignments by department PDF Link

Team One
Fawn Weber (lead) fawn.weber@ku.edu 785-864-9829
Brad Banks brad.banks@ku.edu 785-864-3441
Cynthia Beall beall@ku.edu 785-864-3674
Kelly Buszek kbuszek@ku.edu 785-864-0822
Lacie Turner lacieturner@ku.edu 785-864-1094
Kimberly Wittman kwittman@ku.edu 785-864-7442
Team Two
Cynthia Walker (lead) cwalker@ku.edu 785-864-7404
Dawn Hawkins dawn.hawkins@ku.edu 785-864-6938
Jamie Hulse jhulse@ku.edu 785-864-0584
Stephanie Phan sphan@ku.edu 785-864-7818
Tina Roberts tinar@ku.edu 785-864-7705
Award Management Team

Project Prefix

Associated Sponsors




DED, IND Department of Education; For-Profit/Industry sponsors Jun Fu junfu@ku.edu 785-864-6845
FED Includes federal agencies without separate prefix. ​Includes Departments of Defense, Energy, Justice, Labor, and State; NASA Tracie Watkins twatkins@ku.edu 785-864-7288
FND, NFP Foundations, Non-profit entities Michael Blocker mblocker@ku.edu 785-864-6160
FOR, INS International; Institutional (KU/KUCR)      
KAN (LSI, SW, AAI, EDU), SKS, STE State of Kansas awards to PIs affiliated with LSI, SW, AAI, & School of Education; to KU; and to Non-Kansas states Aletha Beard abeard@ku.edu 785-864-6144
KAN — OTHER Other State of Kansas awards Betty Scheetz betty.scheetz@ku.edu 785-864-0182
NIH National Institutes of Health Shelley Gehrke sgehrke@ku.edu 785-864-1267
NSF National Science Foundation Matt Dollar matt@ku.edu 785-864-0563
UNI Universities Grant manager who manages the flow-through sponsor NIH: Shelley Gehrke
USDE: Jun Fu
NSF: Matt Dollar
Not-for-profit/Foundation: Michael Blocker
Other federal agencies (e.g., Departments of Energy, Defense, Justice, etc.): Tracie Watkins

Flow-through assignment only assigned to UNI prefix awards, not other flow-through awards.
Email; Backup       785-864-7468

FEE projects are handled by the award management staff managing the sponsored portion of the award.

Please include Prefix/Project number in the email subject line (if applicable)

Billing/Invoicing Team
Jhunu Thapa jthapa@ku.edu 785-864-7467
Breanna Jones breanna.y.jones@ku.edu  
Mandy Kelly mjkelly@ku.edu 785-864-8277
Payroll/Tuition Team
Kara McDowell kemcdowell@ku.edu 785-864-7428
Selene Ronan seleneronan@ku.edu 785-864-5275
Award Processing Team
Elena Semyonova-Smith, Manager elenas-s@ku.edu 785-864-7435
Jim O'Malley jomalley@ku.edu 785-864-4302
Bruce Montrose bmont@ku.edu 785-864-1274
Joyce Williams jwilliams68@ku.edu 785-864-7771
Alicia Vanatta alicia.vanatta@ku.edu 785-864-5743