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Property Management FAQ

KUCR is required to follow the federal/agency guidelines for property purchase and use.  For additional information, reference the Property Management Policies and Procedures.
Contact the KUCR property coordinator to determine remaining useful life of the equipment, condition of the equipment, and ownership. Priority reutilization of equipment purchased with Federal funds is to other federally funded projects. Excess equipment titled to KUCR is offered to other KUCR research units first, university departments second, thirdly to public schools or not-for-profits. If the equipment is still unclaimed, it may be sold by public bid (cannot be sold to an individual) or disposed as scrap/salvage if it is obsolete technology.
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This is a complex process that can involve several university offices. It is recommended that you start by informing your Department Chairperson or unit director of your intent. Then contact the KUCR property coordinator to begin the process of identifying the property and obtaining authorization for the transfer. Note: Post Award Services will be responsible for transfer of the grant.

The following criteria apply:
  • The equipment is not needed at KU/KUCR by other faculty and/or staff.
  • Grant funded equipment and/or supplies may be transferred at no cost as long as the grant is also transferring with the researcher, with the approval of the Department Chair or Center Director.
  • Non-grant funded equipment and/or supplies may be “sold” to the new organization based upon a negotiated value, with prior approval of the Department Chair or Center Director, as appropriate.
  • The minimum value that the University will accept for equipment is:
    • Net Book Value (Original Cost less Accumulated Depreciation) – Central Property Accounting will provide this value for all centrally tracked assets and will assist in calculating this value for non-centrally tracked assets.
    • 5% of Original Cost – For fully depreciated assets.
  • The Department Chair or Center Director, as appropriate, must negotiate and approve all transfer requests.
  • All negotiated transfers must be documented via written agreements between KU/KUCR and the new organization. Either KUCR Accounting Services or KU Central Property Accounting can assist with draft written agreement, depending on the source of funds used to procure the items and where the items are recorded.
  • KUCR Financial Services or KU Central Property Accounting, as appropriate, must receive the written agreement signed by all parties before any equipment is removed from campus.

NOTE – all transactions associated with equipment, assets, and/or supplies purchased with any of the KUCR funds are subject to the KUCR Costing Policy.

REMINDER – These types of transactions take a significant amount of time to coordinate. We highly recommend that departments with this issue contact KUCR Accounting  Services as soon as they become aware of the request. 
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Equipment purchased in KUCR grants or contracts is titled to either KUCR or the U.S. Government or either funding agency. Equipment acquired on federal grants or contracts may not be placed at the PI's home without the permission of KUCR.
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KUCR is required by federal guidelines to have an approved property system to qualify for federal grants & contracts. The Office of Naval Research (ONR), San Diego Regional Office is the designated federal property administrator for KUCR federal grants & contracts, unless stated otherwise. ONR may conduct a desk or site review of the KUCR Property Policy & Procedures annually or as necessary. Our property policy dictates we must track equipment and conduct a physical inventory at least every two years, updating location & condition of equipment.
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Equipment is defined as tangible nonexpendable personal property with a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit. KUCR will maintain records for equipment. The department or unit is responsible for the accountability of all supply and equipment purchases.
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Contact the KUCR Business Services Manager or KUCR Property coordinator. You will be asked for information dealing with issues like payment arrangements, mode of transportation, dimensions & weights of shipping containers, insurance & customs clearance that will help us to coordinate the shipment.
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Make a copy for your files & send the original to the KUCR Property coordinator. This information is critical in annual federal property reporting.
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Obtain a police report. Then contact either the KUCR Business Services Manager or the KUCR Property coordinator, who will determine if a claim will be filed with the insurance carrier.
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Property titled to KUCR may be used for "trade in" for newer or upgraded equipment; however, equipment not titled to KUCR may require funding agency or university approval check with KUCR property coordinator.
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