NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01)

Sponsor:National Institutes of Health
Learn More:NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01)
Deadline:Feb 5, June 5, Oct 5
Award Max:Budget to reflect scope of project, 5 years max
Eligibility:Early Stage Investigator status (within 10 years of Ph.D. at time they apply)
R01—the bread and butter grant of NIH, this Funding mechanism has different review criteria that apply for Early Stage Investigators. In addition, this activity code is used for topic-specific funding opportunities (with their own specific FOA numbers) that may target new investigators. Grant specifics (including whether an LOI is required) will vary according to the specific FOA—so read carefully.
Category(s): social-science, physical-science, engineering, computer-science, health-science, life-science, information-science