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iThenticate: Publish with confidence

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Through a collaboration between the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost, the KU community has access to software that empowers faculty and students to “publish with confidence” by checking publications and dissertations for plagiarism.

iThenticate compares KU publications against a comprehensive database of the world’s top published works. The software is available via single sign-on at iThenticate.ku.edu. Simply enter your KU credentials, agree to the terms of service, and submit a document for review.

You may also manipulate settings to exclude quotes, bibliographies, certain phrases and other elements. Learn about managing documents, understanding the “similarity report” and more by browsing iThenticate’s user guide.

We encourage KU faculty and students to take advantage of this tool to ensure the highest standards of research integrity. We all want to present our research in the best light possible; iThenticate can help.

KU training videos

iThenticate training for KU faculty

iThenticate training for KU graduate students

Other helpful resources

For any issues with iThenticate, contact support at ithsupport@ithenticate.com.