Human Subjects Compliance Tutorial

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, or CITI, provides all KU researchers and associates with access to an expertly updated Human Subjects tutorial. A cumulative score of 80% is needed to complete this tutorial. If you have completed the previous tutorial, you do not need to complete the CITI tutorial until your current certification is expired. The tutorial must be completed every three years.
CITI Instructions.pdf Access the KU Human Subjects Tutorial

All KU-Lawrence users can now log in with a KU online ID and password. If you previously SELF registered in CITI your original CITI account should now be linked with your KU ID and password. Please contact with any account issues.

****Registration note: The only required course for human subjects research is Question 1: Human Subjects Research “Social & Behavioral Research Investigators.” Investigators engaged in research at KUMC may be required to complete the Biomedical tutorial, available in Question 2.”