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Research Compliance Hot Line

The University of Kansas is committed to ensuring that research is conducted responsibly.

Anyone inside or outside the university community who has concerns that research is not being conducted in accordance with university policies, with external sponsor requirements, or with federal and state regulations should contact the Office of Research, Research Integrity, by phone or email, or through the KU Institutional Hotline described below.  Such concerns about research activities might include:

  • Research or scholarly misconduct
  • Violation of human subjects protections
  • Compliance concerns relating to the use of animals
  • A breach of electronic protected information related to research
  • Conflict of interest or of time
  • Misuse of research funds
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers

You are strongly encouraged to provide as much detail as possible in your report so we are better able to investigate your concerns.  Every report will be acted on in a confidential manner, with notification to other appropriate individuals made on a need-to-know basis. If anonymity is desired, it will be protected to the extent possible by law and by university regulations. The

KU Office of Integrity & Compliance has established an Institutional Hotline hosted by a third party, Ethics Point, to facilitate anonymous reporting.  Kansas state law prohibits retaliation against any state employee reporting such matters. (See the University of Kansas Whistleblower Policy.)


Dial 911 for any concern that poses an immediate threat to life or property.
Non-Emergency Concerns 

All reporting means are confidential.  Methods that support anonymous reports are noted.

Type of concern

Responding Unit


Email or web form

Any concern regarding research integrity or compliance: animal subjects, conflicts of interest, human subjects, responsible scholarship, scholarly misconduct, etc.

Research Integrity



researchintegrity@ku.edu  sumac@ku.edu


Hotline reports are received by Ethics Point and directed to the appropriate KU unit.


EthicsPoint toll free call center, anonymous option

KU Institutional Hotline

EthicsPoint online form, anonymous option

Research animal welfare concerns

Animal Care Unit (ACU)


ACU online reporting form
anonymous option


Ombuds Office



Environmental concerns relating to biohazards, radiation, hazardous materials, or air quality

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)


EHS online reporting form
anonymous option

Research information security concerns

IT Security Office



IT Security online form and other contact information