Faculty/Staff Research Development Travel Fund

Off-campus travel for face-to-face meetings with potential funding agency officials can lead to future success in obtaining grants.  For many years, the University of Kansas Office of Research has supported such meetings, by providing up to $750 for an annual research development trip by any eligible faculty or staff member.  The chief requirement is that the researcher must have a scheduled, focused meeting with one or more program officers to discuss the possibility of funding for a future sponsored project.

While most such trips are to and from Washington, D.C., the $750 can also be used to meet with foundation officials wherever they are located.  The funding does not apply to trips to professional meetings that potential sponsoring program officials might attend.

To apply, complete and submit the Faculty/Staff Research Development Travel Fund form (PDF). The form can also be used to request a cash travel advance and will be used to report the results of the trip within 60 days of your return (along with the Travel Expense Report and appropriate receipts).Applications must be reviewed and approved by KU Research before arrangements are finalized for a trip.

Applications may be emailed as a PDF or delivered via campus mail to:

Nancy Biles
University of Kansas Office of Research
233 Youngberg Hall

Note: The Travel of Research Investigators to Potential Sponsors (TRIPS) program has been discontinued. The KU Research Development Travel Fund is more flexible and cost-effective, allowing for overnight travel and travel to locations other than Washington, D.C.