Director of External Affairs - Position Open 


Application review begins October 15, 2018

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Overall Goal:  Enhance the image, reputation and visibility of research at the University of Kansas.

KU Research Mission:  To facilitate innovation, creative activity, discovery, and the application and dissemination of knowledge

KU Office of Public Affairs Goals:
1. To substantially enhance the stature of the University of Kansas among relevant opinion leaders, policymakers and peer institutions around the world
2. To build support for the mission of the university among the people of Kansas and their leaders
3. To make KU more attractive to prospective students, particularly high ability students, from Kansas and across the nation
4. To use technology to enhance the effectiveness of our communications, and to build a sense of community on campus and off
5. To foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation across the entire institution in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the university's public affairs efforts

Organization:  The Office of Research includes the KU Center for Research, Inc. and oversees KU's university research centers and institutes, makes strategic research investments, and assists faculty in obtaining and administering external funding for research and training. In addition, KU Center for Technology and Commercialization manages KU’s intellectual property, technology commercialization, and economic development activities. Overall, KU Research promotes and serves KU's core mission of scholarship.

KU Research Director of External Affairs Position Description:  The Director communicates the value and impact of KU research to multiple external and internal audiences, including: faculty, staff, and students; news media of all kinds; public officials; business and industry leaders; alumni and donors; campus visitors; and the public. In collaboration with the Vice Chancellor and other staff, and in concert with KU Public Affairs and other KU Communicators, the Director supports the KU Research mission and the overall mission of the university.  



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Thank you Justin for the support you provide to KU Faculty and research efforts!!

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Greetings from the University of Kansas!

We’ve assembled information that will help you better consider and appreciate this great institution we call home. This page centralizes links to a variety of offices, activities, and initiatives that provide insight into KU as an institution and as an academic community. While not comprehensive in scope, the provided links offer you a greater understanding of what makes KU a truly distinctive place.

Learn more about Lawrence:
The university’s main campus is located in Lawrence, an alluring and engaged city and major destination in northeast Kansas. Lawrence’s historic roots stretch back to the pre-civil war era and the work of abolitionists to make Kansas a free state.

Lawrence is just a stone’s throw away from the unique Kansas City metro area. Split by a state line, Kansas City offers all the top amenities expected in one of America's major vibrant cities and all the charm and hospitality of the Midwest. KC is home to the KU Edwards Campus and the KU Medical Center campus.

Take a short drive west of Lawrence and you’ll be in the capital city of Topeka, a place of history with a growing future.