Conflict of Interest Reporting for New Employees

Per federal and Kansas Board of Regents integritypolicies, the KU COI Reporting system asks faculty and unclassified staff members to declare whether they, their spouse, or other household members have any significant financial interest related to their own research or educational activities. The standard of "conflict" is whether an independent observer would conclude the appearance of undue influence or a conflict of interest. Additionally, individuals report any time commitments outside their University responsibilities related to the same activities. Consulting must be reported though this system, as well as reviewed and approved in advance by the employee's department head/unit director, by the appropriate dean or vice provost, and by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor. The majority of employees have no significant financial interests or time commitments to disclose, and the Certification submission at the end of the process completes their report. Individuals who declare that they have significant financial interests or time commitments related to their university responsibilities will disclose details through the secured, confidential system.

Certification of disclosed financial interests and time commitments
Initial Certification process: New faculty and unclassified staff members will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the new COI reporting system. Additionally, faculty and staff members who are identified as investigators on Public Health Services (PHS) proposed or funded projects may be contacted by Pre-Awards or Research Integrity staff to initiate a research certification.  If you haven't received an e-mail request to complete your annual COI Report within two weeks of employment, please contact us at
Your first Certification in the new COI reporting system will take a bit longer than subsequent certifications since you will need to become familiar with the reporting format and enter information about your significant financial interests, if any. Please plan accordingly and refer to the COI Discloser Guide or the Quick Start Reference Sheet for assistance.
Quick and easy after the first certification: Once you have completed an initial Certification, the next Annual Certification will consist of confirming that your record is up-to-date if you have nothing further or new to disclose.
Your participation in the process is essential and very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact Research Integrity (785-864-7429) or, if you have questions, problems or concerns about the COI process.