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Conflict of Interest

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Kansas Board of Regents policy requires faculty and unclassified staff of Regents institutions to file a conflict of interest report upon employment and at least annually thereafter. In addition, federal policies require assurances that all investigators on a research project are in compliance with institutional conflict of interest reporting procedures at the time a proposal is submitted.

A KU Online ID is required to access the online system. Announcements will be distributed via email to all current faculty and staff to file an annual report in the system during the fall semester. New faculty and staff members who are identified as Investigators on proposed or funded sponsored projects must file a COI certification prior to submission of the proposal or competing renewal. Contact coi@ku.edu for more information.

Your participation in the process is essential and very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact Research Integrity (785-864-7429) or coi@ku.edu, if you have questions, problems or concerns about the COI process.

Conflict of interest policies

Links to policies of the Kansas Board of Regents, KU Lawrence Campus and federal agencies

Please note: The KU Conflict of Interest reporting obligation is separate and distinct from the requirement to file a State of Kansas Statement of Substantial Interests (KS SSI) with the Kansas Secretary of State. More information about the KS SSI is available on the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website.