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Grant Coordinator Meetings
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Quarterly meetings to provide an opportunity for grant coordinators and Research Administration staff to discuss important changes, hot topics, view demonstrations of new systems, and review updates on policies, forms, and processes. Most importantly, it provides a venue for an open dialogue involving everyone engaged in supporting research and sponsored projects at KU.  For more information about future agenda items and meeting dates, contact Alicia Reed at 785-864-7231 or amreed@ku.edu.
Research Administration 101
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Research Administration 101 is a certificate program offered by the Office of Research to members of the KU community engaged in the administration of externally sponsored projects.  Spring 2018 will kick-off a new format for this long-standing program The program will now be offered in a class format consisting of one two-hour overview session and eight issue-based hour sessions (offered throughout the year) led by a variety of in-house experts as well as invited guests from the broader KU community.

The course is intended to provide participants with an overview of what sponsored projects are, how they are administered at KU, and who bears responsibility for seeing that they are administered responsibly. Many of the topics addressed are relevant to all sponsored projects, including research, educational service agreements, training grants, and public service projects. Some topics will be relevant to any research activity, regardless of whether or not it is externally funded.

If you have questions about the materials and course schedule, please contact resadmin-events@ku.edu. Past participants are invited to drop in on sessions for a refresher.

Certification Requirements
Persons interested in qualifying for the certification offered with this program must attend one of the 2-hour overview sessions and a minimum of  six of the eight issue-based hour-long sessions. Those who are unable to meet the minimum requirement may make up missed classes when they are offered the following year.
Thursday Research Topics
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Hosted by the Office of Research, Thursday Research Topics (TRT) meetings are special topic training sessions held on the second Thursday of each month from 11:10-11:50AM in Simons Auditorium, Higuchi Biosciences Center, on KU’s West Campus. Each session focuses on a specific topic in research administration of current interest. Sessions are recorded and made available to members of the KU community online.  You must be enrolled in the "Research Administration Training and Resources" BlackBoard site in order to view the TRT archive. If you are a KU employee who wishes to be enrolled in the site, you can request access from Alicia Reed at 785-864-7231 or amreed@ku.edu.
Research Administration Training and Resources BlackBoard Site
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The Research Administration Training and Resources BlackBoard site serves as an online toolbox for research administrators. It includes numerous in-depth video workshops as well as short videos on a wide variety of research administration topics, an archive of KU Thursday Research Topics presentations, and links to source documents, to helpful training resources, and to reference sites. Since many of these resources are institutionally subscription-based, access is limited to KU employees. To gain access, email Alicia Reed at amreed@ku.edu.
NSF Interdisciplinary Research Presentation (pdf)  
NSF Career Presentation- Slides and Handout (pdf)
Common Sponsored Award Terms  


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