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Cost Share Process for Payroll Expenses

The cost sharing of payroll expenses is captured in the HR/Pay system.  

1. Dr. Jones' salary/fringe is paid from 2112000-099 during the academic year. In addition, she has committed 10% of her academic appointment as cost share on NIH0054321. Dr. Jones is not listed as key personnel on this project. On 5/17/15, Dr. Jones will be fully funded by her own NSF0098765 project where she is the Principal Investigator (the cost share must be “removed at this point”). The PAF (Personal Action Form) may look like this:
Cost share example
2. Dr. Smith's salary/fringe is 80% paid from 2506000-099. Department 2507000 is providing the 10% from their 099 funds for his salary as cost share on NSF0012345 for the Fall Semester. In addition, Dr. Smith is being directly paid by NIH0098765 for his remaining 10%. He is the principal investigator for both of these grants. The PAF (Personal Action Form) may look like this:
cost share example


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